The spirit of sportive lifestyle


Northland Professional is an Austrian family business, which is well known for producing high quality outdoor fashion & equipment for mountaineering enthusiasts.


Over the last years the wants and standards of our customers have changed. The outdoor world has become more fashion focused and even high-functional clothing has to be good looking in these days. That’s why Northland Professional has dedicated his efforts towards the combination of high functional sportswear and modern fashion lifestyle already a long time ago.


In addition, customers don’t want to miss Northland quality products in their leisure time or in the city. New product lines live up to these wishes and present a wonderful combination of function and fashion – just like the new slogan “the Spirit of Sportive Lifestyle” implies.






Northland & the environment


Social responsibility is not just an empty word for us. We respect and support the needs of workers in our suppliers’ factories. Any kind of abuse like child labour, famine wages or improper working hours is absolutely not acceptable. In contrast, we’re working on taking the pressure off the factories by pursuing off-seasonal order cycles.


Furthermore, we protect our environment by obtaining ecological standards through the whole production process. All the materials, we use for our clothing, underlie these standards and we guarantee that we do not harm animals. Only imitation fur is placed on our clothing and our high quality down comes from clean sources, where no goose or duck was plucked alive.


We care for our environment and fellow human beings.


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How it all started


On the peak of the world’s coldest mountain, the Mt. McKinley, in 6.193 m above sea level, NORTHLAND PROFESSIONAL is founded in 1973 by Gerwalt Pichler. His passion for extreme mountain climbing is inherited. As a teen he climbed wildest and most difficult peaks.


As engineer in an international company he decided at the age of 40 to drop out of the previous working life and dedicate himself to his big passion: extreme mountaineering. He organized professional expeditions to the most beautiful mountains all over the world. At this time he was seen as a pioneer as no one before had organized such expeditions in the 60s.


The poor and less functional equipment of the participants from his expeditions forced him to develope more professional clothing and equipment for his expeditions. The equipment for the Mt. McKinley expedition was already designed by himself. The milestone was set – Northland was born.


The inspiration for the brand’s name came from New Zealands northern tip – NORTHLAND, the ideal outdoor paradise for numerous sportive activities: climbing, hiking, sailing, skiing, biking etc. Gerwalt Pichler had visited this country many a time as a teen and the enthusiasm for New Zealand has stayed until today. Meanwhile NORTHLAND PROFESSIONAL is represented as an all-in provider of sports- and fashion specialized shops across the globe in 43 countries. Shop-in-shop concepts and franchise chains are launched globally.